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"As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary."

—Ernest Hemingway


Our Senior Home Care Caregivers

After the initial assessment, we will find the best-qualified caregiver for your unique situation. We always look for the right "chemistry" between client and caregiver, and we won't be satisfied until you're satisfied with the match.

We hire fewer than five percent of the caregivers who apply to work with us.

Our caregivers are experienced, have excellent references and have passed our thorough background check. They are wonderful, dependable people who were chosen for their commitment, experience and qualifications.

Caregiver and Senior

Our Caregivers Have Passed:
  • Background Checks
    • Professional work experience
    • Valid work permission
    • Social Security Number authentication
    • LIVESCAN fingerprinting checked against the California Department of Justice database
    • National criminal background check
    • Satisfactory driving history, verified by DMV records check
    • Drug Testing
    • Health Screening
  • Professional and Personal Reference Checks
    • We contact references to verify timeliness, reliability, friendliness, fund of knowledge, compassion, and ethical behavior of the caregiver.
    • Have past clients been happy with him/her as a caregiver?
  • Our Employment Interview, so that we are satisfied that our caregivers are the people we would want assisting our own families.
  • Pre-Employment Testing to assure a substantial, pre-employment knowledge of caregiving and excellent judgment in real home care scenarios.
  • Our Comprehensive Training Program to assure that our caregivers have a complete, professional fund of knowledge to care for our clients' health, cognitive, emotional, social and familial issues. We instill our caregivers with the desire and the ability to practice their profession to our standards of care.

Your caregiver will have further training regarding your particular needs, preferences and living situation, with ongoing review and supervision of your care.

All of our caregivers are bonded and insured.

Once our caregivers are hired, we take care of them with top pay, benefits, incentives, recognition and continuing education.



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